Paul writes music for video games. Currently he is developing a tactical RPG (Steamhounds) with the team Stray Basilisk (StrayBasilisk.com).

Room Party EP Released!

I released an EP!

Room Party is an arrangement of bleeps and bloops inspired by indie game soundtracks and chiptune-ish electronic music. In the months of tweaking, shredding up parts, and slapping on noise after noise, I gathered my favorite sounds, arranged them, and then called it an album. Ironically, the result is something clean (in the most neutral sense); something minimal. Hope you enjoy it!

Available for streaming/purchase on my bandcamp: https://paul-sim.bandcamp.com/album/room-party

Some electronic EP coming soon!

Excited to be releasing an EP in the near future! It combines some of my favorite genres – ambience and video game–esque music. Here’s a snippet from the album.

Neon Drifters Soundtrack Released!

My music contribution for the Android game Neon Drifters is available as a free download from my Bandcamp!


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